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Fitness Girl Cosplay | Bodybuilder Cosplay

Costume Creator, Gamer, Fitness Pro and “Booty Bible” author Alicia Marie has been a staple in the cosplay world for some time now. She is an MTV: Music Television fitness coach, a multi-media fitness personality, as well as an internationally recognized fitness supermodel and celebrity health & diet guru. See her full cosplay and fitness profile here!

Slave Leia


Showgirl Jaylah

Lady Shao Khan – Mortal Kombat

Skarlet – Mortal Kombat

Poison Ivy

That was some muscle and fitness galore, now here are the Hottest Cosplayers on Instagram bar none!

Thinking about a workout routine for cosplay? had a great conversation with cosplayer Nerd of the North about crafting a workout to become your hero.

“It takes a lot of time and effort to make a great cosplay. Cosplayers the world over spend years honing their creative skills so that, when the time comes, they’re costumes will look perfect. Even when they’re as accomplished as they can get, the really impressive pieces can take weeks – or even months – to make. Just watch a cosplayer stream to see how much care and finesse goes into the tiny details. Then there are those cosplayers who go a step further and don’t just spend hours upon hours sculpting their costumes, but even their own bodies, to create portrayals of their favorite characters that are as accurate as possible.” Read the full interview on


Black Hole Chan Cosplay