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Game of Thrones Recap and Cosplay

Games of Thrones group Cosplay in New York's Central Park, photo by Jason Laboy


Season 7 – Game of Thrones Recap and Cosplay

Daenerys heads to Dragonstone (once the home of Stannis Baratheon) taking her massive army of Unsullied and Dothraki aboard the Frey ships. Melisandre encourages her to court Jon Snow as an ally in the battle for the Iron Throne.

After receiving an invitation from Daenerys, Snow goes to meet her at Dragonstone. The pair grow close as they plan how best to defeat the Lannisters and White Walkers. They decide to send Yara and the Unsullied to King’s Landing.

Cersei considers a marriage proposal from Euron Greyjoy and offers him a chance to prove himself by defeating the incoming invaders. Yara and her army are defeated at sea by Euron.

Meanwhile, battles erupt between Dothraki cavalry and the Lannister battalions, led by Jaime. Daenerys’s dragon Drogon is injured by a specially designed ballista during the fray.

Having seen the dragon, Jaime warns Cersei of Daenerys’s power. Jon and Daenerys decide to call a truce with Cersei and head north of the Wall to capture a White Walker. Jon succumbs to the Night King’s trap and requires saving by Daenerys. In the process, they capture a Walker but lose the dragon Viserion, who falls under the Night King’s spell.

Jon and Daenerys head to King’s Landing to discuss teaming up with Cersei to defeat the Walker army. They bring their captured White Walker to convince her. Jon, Daenerys and Tyrion head back to Winterfell after the meeting. Snow and Targaryen become intimate.

Arya and Sansa are reunited with Bran at Winterfell but tensions between the sisters emerge and are exploited by Littlefinger. His duplicity is exposed when Bran reveals it was Littlefinger who killed Jon Arryn — the murder that instigated the entire game of thrones. Sansa has him executed. Bran also learns of Jon’s true heritage — he is not, in fact, Ned Stark’s bastard but a Targaryen with a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne.

The Night King and the White Walkers breach the Wall with the help of Viserion, now an undead dragon of ice. Winter has come…

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