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Halloween Makeup | Makenzie Yoakum’s 31 Days of Halloween

October 20

October 22 (Yeah, we know, 21 is missing!)

Cracked Doll inspired by @rebeccaseals.

October 23

October 24

Mermaid Vibes inspired by @glambycamx.

October 25

October 26

October 27

Electric Cyborg inspired by @desiperkins.

October 28

Inspired by @nikkietutorials.

October 29

Inspired by @jodiehulme.

October 30

“I’ve seen the ‘bratz’ makeup going around but I got my inspiration from the amazing @mannymua733.”


October 31…

Not so fast. Go give her a follow on Instagram for Day 31!

More Halloween Cosplay inspiration can be found with Jessica Nigri’s Hallewdween and Pan Chan’s 13 Cosplays of Halloween.


Pan Chan Cosplay -13 Cosplays of Halloween

Pan Chan Cosplay | 13 Cosplays of Halloween

Project Ebon Blade by Zach Fischer Art

Project Ebon Blade | Zach Fischer Art | BlizzCon 2018