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Jessica Nigri’s Greatest Hits – Gurlz Got Skillz

Battle Armor Elsa! Photo by Vivid Vision. Wig by Destiny Nickelsen. Original Art Concept by Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay.

It was way back in 2009 when Jessica Nigri first wore her sexy Pikachu costume to San Diego Comic Con that started her down the path which ultimately led to her becoming the Queen of Cosplay. Fast forward to 2017 and Jessica Nigri is now a household name – at least in the cosplay world. Sometimes criticized for being “all about the bewb,” Jessica’s body of work (no pun intended) speaks for itself. Here’s a small collection where Jessica made the costume and gives appropriate credit to those who contributed. (See their links at bottom)

This is “A bunch of costumes I am SUPER proud of that I have made in the past!! I really can’t wait for larger builds and more intense designs!!” Jessica comments in her pinned post on Facebook.

We’re proud of her too. Haters can go fry. Enjoy.

WildStar Draken! Costume and cosplay by Jessica Nigri. Blades by Punished Props. Photo by Martin Wong.
WildStar Draken! Blades by Punished Props. Photo by Martin Wong.

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