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Juby Headshot Cosplay From Spain

Juby Headshot is a cosplayer from Spain. Since 2013 she has been bringing her favorite anime, video game and manga characters to life. Juby has always been interested in Japanese culture which led her to get a degree in East Asian Studies. She’s very attracted to strong female characters like Esdeath and Psylocke but she also has a soft spot for characters like Sonico and Hestia. Follow Juby on Facebook or join her on Patreon and support her continuing efforts to create bigger and better costume creations. All photos © Juby Headshot.

Juby Headshot Cosplay

Super Sonico by Juby Headshot
Super Sonico

Juby Headshot Cosplay

Red Card Katarina by Juby Headshot
Red Card Katarina

Esdeath from Akame ga Kill!

If you will never be mine, I’ll at least give you death by my own hands. I won’t let anyone else touch you. Tatsumi of Night Raid… you will die. – Esdeath

Esdeath from Akame ga Kill! by Juby Headshot
Esdeath from Akame ga Kill!
Slay Belle Katarina by Juby Headshhot
Slay Belle Katarina
Black Widow by Juby Headshhot
Black Widow
Dark Phoenix by Juby Headshot
Dark Phoenix

Super Sonico is a Nitro+ character who has spawned a franchise, which includes music, manga, video games and an anime series. SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation follows Sonico as she faces daunting challenges in her search for her place in the world, even when her days are brimming with love and happiness. Sonico is a hot cosplay and we’ve seen some super steamy Super Sonico cosplays recently.

Super Sonico by Juby Headshot
Super Sonico
Psylocke by Juby Headshot
Kitty Cat Katarina by Juby Headshot
Kitty Cat Katarina – Kitty Cat Katarina is popular these days, see Andrasta and BeataVargas versions.
Starfire by Juby Headshot
Nidalee by Juby headshot

We love Juby’s Poison!

Poison is a video game character who debuted as an enemy in the beat-em-up game Final Fight. She later joined the Street Fighter series as an NPC with Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, but eventually becoming playable in the cross-over game Street Fighter X Tekken and later joined the cast of Ultra Street Fighter IV. She is the friend and manager of Hugo and an ex-member of the Mad Gear Gang. Juby’s Posion Kicks Ass and we have the post that proves it!

Poison by Juby Headshot


Teen Titans Raven by Hendo Art Cosplay

Hendo Art Super Cool Cosplay

Yoko Littner by Disharmonica

Yoko Littner Cosplay by Disharmonica