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Kana Cosplay | Pialoof – Germany’s Sweet and Sultry Eros Cosplayer

Kana Cosplay from Germany is now Pialoof

Kana Cosplay | Pialoof Cosplay is the epitome of eros cosplay, sweet, sultry, sexy, almost nude and naked but not quite so don’t ask!

In October of 2018, Kana changed her tag to Pialoof. “Finally, Kana changed her nickname to Pialoof!” said her subreddit moderator MikomiHokina, “Pialoof is a mix of her favorite first name “Pia” (pronounced Piya) and the personality trait of being “aloof”.

A seamstress, cosplayer, ero model and Corgi Mom, Pia’s gorgeous, soft, cute, cuddly and sometimes naughty cosplay pics will set your heart on fire! A German fashion design assistant, Kana/Pia has been a featured cosplay guest and enjoyed visiting conventions for over a decade. Her social links are at the end of this article! Go support her!

“Are you a good wolf or a bad wolf?”

Kana Cosplay, Pialoof Cosplay - Sexy Wolf

Kana Cosplay, Pialoof Cosplay - Sexy Wolf

Kana Cosplay, Pialoof Cosplay - Wolf Cosplay



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