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Luxlo Cosplay Hunting Monsters Since 2012

Luxlo Cosplay as Nargacuga Monster Hunter, photo by Con Mom Photography and edit by Daniel Bage

πŸ’™(swipe left for more!) Sylveon makeup and wig test πŸ’« Wig is from @cosplaybuzz it’s super thick, long and has an amazing feel to it. So heavy and pretty and princessy? I love it. I styled it with the centre point front bangs inspired by sylveon’s pointed pink forehead colouring. My contacts are blue mesh ones from @pinkyparadisedotcom and I’m so happy o chose them for sylveon, it gave just the look I was hoping for since sylveon has these adorably creepy full blue eyes.. The colour is pretty bright blue which is hard to find with blue contacts as well! πŸ’™ after testing the makeup and wig for this I can’t wait to get to finishing it! For now I chose the most sylveon-esque clothes from my closet haha πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘― I’m super happy with most of my makeup for this Cosplay, one of my favourites I’ve done!! And evenbwith being hard to apply with way lessened vision lol! Just always struggle with lightening my brows πŸ™

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