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Luxlo Cosplay Hunting Monsters Since 2012

Luxlo Cosplay as Nargacuga Monster Hunter, photo by Con Mom Photography and edit by Daniel Bage

Weekend time! Warriors need a break too. . . Photo- @nigelmurrayphotography

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All members of my Patreon saw 30+ photos from this shoot a week early👻 For just a dolla you can see all my full photosets in high res earlyyy (including some that won’t ever be shared anywhere else) Even just $1 adds up and is an amount of support I super appreciate! If patreon’s not your thing, that’s cool too and I alsoo super appreciate the comments & support here ❤ so happy there’s still a lotta love for my warrior too. These are my favourite types of cosplays to do.. And I can’t wait to show you guys my newest armor. . . photo- @nigelmurrayphotography

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Merisiel Irum Cosplay

Merisiel Irum Cosplay and Make-Up Wizard

Kayla Erin as Holo from Spice & Wolf, photo by Beethy

Kayla Erin Cosplay Spicey Wolf From Down Under