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Project Ebon Blade | Zach Fischer Art | BlizzCon 2018

Project Ebon Blade by Zach Fischer Art

Project Ebon Blade

Project Ebon Blade is a massive collaboration of artists, crafters, and streamers working together to re-imagine Azeroth’s mightiest champions as dreaded Death Knights of the Ebon Blade. With a growing list of collaborators, the project looks to be the largest Cosplay collaboration in history with an estimated 100+ members including some of the biggest names in cosplay.

Project Ebon Blade

All concept art for Project Ebon Blade is being created by artist Zach Fischer ( Project Ebon Blade will be making its debut at Blizzcon 2018 in Anaheim, California.

Progress update from July:

“Imagine if during a prolonged war between the Horde and the Alliance, the new Lich King, Bolvar Fordragon slowly and quietly consolidated his strength, raising falling champions of BOTH factions to serve the Ebon Blade as death knights.” – Zach Fischer

Zach has outdone himself. Look at these designs below. WOW. Literally, wow.

Here we’ve featured some of the cosplayers involved and below there is a live #ProjectEbonBlade hashtag feed so you can follow all the great progress and event photos.

Jessica Nigri will be Sally Whitemane:

Super Mary Face will be Elise Starseeker:

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Vivid Vivka will be Sylvanas:

Danielle Beaulieu will be Lady Liadrin:

Jenna Lynn Meowri will also be Sylvanas:

Project Ebon Blade Instagram Live Feed [Updated Hourly]

Project Ebon Blade – The Beginning

Project Ebon Blade will take BlizzCon by storm this weekend with possibly the largest group cosplay ever. Over a year in the planning, you can learn more about the origins of this project in Zach’s own words on the Project Ebon Blade Facebook page.

Follow Project Ebon Blade on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch.

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